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Gameday Thread: Yankees at O's, 06/03

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Randy Johnson, LH Adam Loewen, LH (7-4, 5.37) (0-0, 9.64)

Game time is 4:35 on WJZ and YES.

I have two distinct sets of opinions about Randy Johnson. The first is the more current, that he's a Yankee, kind of a dick, and he seems like he's just not all that smart about his own career at this point. Like he's too stubborn to start relying a little more on his slider, which is still pretty nasty, instead of his fastball which has lost a lot of velocity. He's 42, what's he want?

But then you have the Big Unit from Seattle to the brief stop in Houston to Arizona, and that guy was a hell of a lot of fun to watch, both when he was wild and when he was just flat-out dominant. He's a historically great pitcher. I will go back to having mad respect for him when he's done with this pinstriped foolishness.

This is Adam Loewen's first big league start after two relief appearances this season, neither of which was particularly successful in terms of runs given up or anything, but he did strike out six in four and a third against the Angels on May 27. He's a 6-5 lefty from Canada that attended Chipola junior college in Florida and was drafted fourth overall by the Orioles in 2002. I hope he drills Jeter in the ass.

Go get 'em, Adam!