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Defend Your Favorite Oriole!

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I am a little stunned by the results (85 votes in) of that favorite current Oriole poll.

  1. Corey Patterson, 17 votes
  2. Brian Roberts, 15 votes
  3. Miguel Tejada/Melvin Mora, 13 votes
  4. Chris Ray, 9 votes
  5. Other, 6 votes
  6. Ramon Hernandez/Daniel Cabrera, 5 votes
  7. Jay Gibbons, 2 votes
The things that surprise me:
  1. Corey being #1, obviously. I mean yeah he's had a couple good months for us and he's been way exciting to watch, but really? Melvin Mora has given us some damn fine years, Brian Roberts is our plucky little overachiever, and Tejada is one of the best players in the game. My feeling is some folks voted with the mindset of "right this second," and I could see Corey being anyone's favorite Oriole right this second. Dude is rockin' it.
  2. Six votes for "other." My two theories here: Six women voted for Markakis or Javy Lopez (no offense), or six killer dudes straight up love The Todd. And I could not blame anyone in either situation.
  3. Jay Gibbons' two votes. Jay over the last year and change has gotten some good support from some of you guys. Not that the ones that supported him before won't now (he's the same exact player, so what would change your mind?) but I just figured he'd have a couple more votes than that.
  4. Chris Ray with nine. Actually that doesn't really surprise me at all, I just wanted to say Chris Ray is really cool.
Now that we've had the poll up for a while, come on out and state your favorite Oriole. I know you might not want to go public with such information as it will show favoritism and nobody wants Sendy Rleal to happen by here and be sad that he's nobody's favorite Oriole, but let's hear it anyway.

Mine is Brian Roberts. We've been over this. I was briefly consumed with my love for Brian Roberts. Now I just think he's cool, though. I mean I love him, but just as a pal. Like bros. We could hang out and ride bikes together and stuff.

Bonus Question: Anyone on the current team you just flat-out dislike? Don't be shy!

Bonus Question #2: Any former Orioles still in the league that you follow closely because you were such a fan? If Larry Bigbie3 doesn't give me a report on Larry Bigbie, I'm going to be really disappointed.