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This All-Star Business

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First of all, I'm just following on this post by punkrawka.

If voting holds up, everyone but Vlad Guerrero that's voted in as a starter for the AL All-Star team will be a Yankee or Red Sock.

Oooook. I already had a bit of a rambling rage attack over there, but I would like to expound. If that team takes the field, I am not watching the game. But more importantly, I would like to request something of the Yankees and Red Sox players, the ones who will be starting in the All-Star game, co-existing, though they are history's greatest rivals.

Just make out with each other and get it over with already.

The entire rest of the world is sick to death of all of you, except for perhaps moron Joe Buck and idiot Tim McCarver. It's not that I have a problem with these teams being promoted. They are good teams, they are popular teams. And the Red Sox have a vast number of bandwagon fans, which I don't want to hear disputed because they have so many passionate fans!!! I know the Red Sox have passionate, real, loyal, and insanely dedicated fans. But the Red Sox have picked up bandwagon jumpers like I haven't seen ever in my life before. Where I live, in Michigan, there were about eight Red Sox caps that I saw on real people in my entire life up until a few years ago. I can't go to a bar or restaurant or combination thereof or a Best Buy or a Target or any damn place without seeing at least three now. Often they are girls wearing those pink Red Sox hats, and I hate pink hats of all teams. This is baseball, not fashion. Either wear the hat or don't. But that is beside the point.

Seriously, just make out. Have Jeter kiss Ortiz. Have Cano go lay one on Manny. Varitek and A-Rod can let the past be bygones. Because really, the Red Sox/Yankees thing, to me, is no longer a rivalry that even as someone who dislikes both teams, I can be into. It is a torrid love affair between not only 50 players and the attention-seeking front offices that pay them, but the millions and millions of fans of both teams. What on earth would these people do without each other?

They wish they knew how to quit one another. They don't. So stop with the bickering. Just kiss. Just kiss and unite and be as one. It is meant to be.