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The Grims Reaper's affidavit getting leaked

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This is from Deadspin, which you might think isn't legit enough to trust, but, they're as reliable as anything else probably.

Like they did at the end, I will say this up front: I am not accusing [x] of using anything, but it sure looks bad.

Allard Baird told Grimsley about his failed test in 2003. Grimsley dropped Sammy Sosa's name in here, so there goes pretty much any hope anyone ever had about Sosa having been clean.

And the big one is Chris Mihlfeld. Who? Chris Mihlfeld is a trainer and is named as a referrer in the acquisition of steroids, HGH, amphetamines, etc.

But the real story is that Chris Mihlfeld has been the personal trainer -- since 1999 -- of Albert Pujols.

If Albert Pujols gets swept up in this -- and again, I'm not accusing him of anything -- it will be a bigger blow to baseball at this point than pretty much anyone else could be. The reason I have for saying that is that Albert Pujols is everyone's darling boy. As always, the sportswriters and TV personalities have been quite fond of reminding us that Albert Pujols is a good, solid man, a family man, a man of conviction, who loves not only baseball, but America and life.

Albert Pujols was to lead a new generation away from the dinosaur roidheads, your Sosas and Bondses and Palmeiros, who are nearly extinct, and send us into a golden age of baseball. The new Babe Ruth! The NEW new Babe Ruth! Always gotta have one of those.

So, if it turns out to go the terrible way, I suggest that Corey Patterson lead the new generation.