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Gameday Thread: O's at Braves, 07/01

Game Time: 7:05 | TV: WJZ, TBS | Radio: WBAL
Russ Ortiz, RH Tim Hudson, RH (0-5, 7.54) (6-7, 4.27)

It's come to this. Russ Ortiz, Baltimore Oriole. In mid-season, mind you. Why? Look it's not that I have anything against Russ Ortiz other than he sucks, or that I won't be rooting for him to find his old, pretty useful form. On the contrary, I hope he's freakin' gangbusters. I hope he's outstanding. Just wonderful. I hope he goes 13-0 the rest of the year. If so, I will say, "Hell yeah! Russ Ortiz! Low risk, high reward!" I just don't see the reward happening.

Tim Hudson has had a tough year for being Tim Hudson, by far his worst pro season to date. But, well, Tim Hudson has yet to really have a bad one. His K-rate is up after really falling off the last couple of seasons, and his BAA is actually down, he's just giving up more runs is all. I dunno, man, it happens. I'd bet on Hudson to have solid numbers by the time the year is out.