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Contest! - Name CC's SB Nation fantasy football team

Hey, dudes (and the few ladies), I've got a problem here. I am playing in a fantasy football league against several of my fellow SB Nation bloggers, and I'm officially repping for us - the fine group of Camden Chatters, right here at!

But, like, I need a team name. Something...good. I won't lie to you - there's a decent chance I'll just disregard all your suggestions if I think of something hilarious, clever, or outrageous. But right now I'm having a hell of a time thinking of anything, and I'll be asking advice from you guys all season long about who to draft or start that week or whatever, so what I need right now is some help, so why not start looking for some input now?

Give me some team name ideas. Take this into account: I love puns!

Fire away, braintrust!