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All-Star break final day

Sorry about the site being inactive (on my part, anyway, thanks for sticking around and talking without me), but as I said, I'm really really busy this week and it's not about to get any better. By Sunday I should be back to normal, just in a new apartment. Lakefront property, y'all!

I'm going to forego the All-Star break roster review, partially because I don't have the time to do it like I'd want to, and also because, well, we've talked about all that stuff this season. I've kind of enjoyed the AS break this year from a "not thinking about Bedard's ERA" standpoint.

Do you like things that aren't funny at all? Go read Jeff Passan's newest article.

But, like, OK, Bedard. Do you think he finishes with an ERA under 4? Does the hot streak continue? Is it just a streak? Can he get 18 wins? 20 is probably a real stretch since there are only 72 games left. Then again 15 might be a stretch if he loses run support or something. You never know.

The first three games of the Texas series matchups: Cabrera/Padilla, Benson/Millwood, Bedard/Rheinecker.