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Gameday Thread: Rangers at O's, 07/13

Game Time: 7:05 | TV: CSN, KDFI (TEX) | Radio: WBAL
Vicente Padilla, RH Daniel Cabrera, RH (8-5, 4.44) (4-6, 5.15)

Awww Danny Cabs. Nothing like getting back from the All-Star break and getting psyched up to see some WALKS.

Vicente Padilla has been far better in Texas than I figured he'd be, or really anyone else figured he'd be, I'd wager. Imagine if the Rangers had kept Chris Young instead of that imbecilic trade for Adam Eaton, huh? They might really be a good team and ahead of the pack in the AL West. As it is, it's a dogfight out on the frontier. If history teaches me anything, it's that the preseason favorites, the Angels, will probably wind up winning to make it the most boring outcome possible. They got rid of Jeff Weaver, so that's a start. I guess I'm rooting for Texas. Seattle is dull, I don't like the Angels, and the A's would just be asking for an ALDS sweep with as inconsistent as they are. At least the Rangers haven't been there in a long time. But if they don't make it, they should fire Showalter, get some dope to manage the team, and win the World Series off the team he built.

I am moving into my new PAD tomorrow, and SHOULD have internet up and running sometime Saturday morning/early afternoon, but don't hold me (or more accurately, Comcast) to that. There will be a game thread tomorrow and days after so long as the esteemed Zachary Knower remembers to do it/has the time, but if he doesn't/doesn't, someone put one up in the diaries if, like, the game has started.