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Back back back...

Thanks to everyone who kept the site running the last near a damn week while I was moving all my junk into my new apartment, and especially to zknower, duck and Larry Bigbie3 for getting game threads up. Very, very appreciated.

Back in bidness now, at least to some degree. Mid-to-late July has generally been the time where we as O's fans have to fully give up the ghost and fully, fully accept that we ain't winnin' nothin'. I mean we know that in April, but miracles happen, you know? The White Sox won last year. The Marlins won that one time.

So I'm more interested in playing the role of spoiler toward Boston and New York the rest of the way, and spoiler to anyone else we can mess up too. Why not?

WHILE I WAS AWAY - Luis Matos, Expo? Bahaha. Good job, Bowden. However way to completely shaft the Reds.

Danny C in the minors? Fine. He needs some sort of wakeup call. I still hope he'll be good someday, but that hope diminished greatly watching him attempt to pitch this season. It was downright embarrassing at times for him to be called a major league starter.

Anyone want one of those black Brian Roberts bobbleheads?