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Gameday Thread: O's at Royals, 07/27

Game Time: 8:10 | TV: WNUV, RTN (KC) | Radio: WBAL
Rodrigo Lopez, RH Jimmy Gobble, LH (6-11, 6.73) (3-3, 4.88)

So Yahoo had it mixed up and Runelvys Hernandez started yesterday instead of Gobble, and today is Gobble's turn. Still, a funny last name.

Lopez's start today is a "big deal" with the Benson maybe-injury, because if Benson is shelved, we probably aren't going to deal or cut Lopez, who is such an organizational stalwart. You know, this is a scrap-heap guy we rescued from obscurity that wound up having a couple good years. Now he's 30 years old and having a horrible season after a pretty damn bad 2005. Sticking with pitchers like this is -- well, you know.