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Benson having elbow examined


So that's great. Not that Benson is so awesome, but now there's a lessened chance of trading him, which I care much more about.

Benson has been a great example of this year's Orioles team. He's not THAT bad, but he's bad enough that it's pointless, and the best you can hope for is to get something out of his decaying career that might benefit us in the future. Of course, our brainless front office, headed by our moron owner, probably won't allow anything useful or worthwhile to actually happen, even so far as trading Miguel Tejada for a package that could pay huge dividends in the near future no matter which team it's from, so what are we rooting for anymore? We are loyalists, to be sure, and no, I'm never, ever, ever going to change the baseball team I root for, but goddamn, doesn't it make you think what the point is? Of course it does, you're human, and so am I, and so is everyone, except Angelos, who is a superhero villain at this point. He's so insanely stupid about this franchise that it boggles the mind. My mind is literally boggled at this point. I have no idea what to say anymore, because what am I gonna do? Hype you up for the games with the Royals? Surely we are all on the edge of our seats for these momentous matchups. And when we play the Red Sox or Yankees or Tigers or White Sox or Twins or any other decent team, I'm so half-hearted at this point that I can't even get up for THOSE games. I'm cheering on a dead body and wearing my stupid O's cap around town and being like, "Check it OUT, everybody!"

I love this team, I swear to God I do, but unless a Tejada trade goes down or we get Shealy or something, who cares? I'm being totally honest. Yes I'll post the game threads and talk about goings down, and I hope that you'll all be here to share in my misery, but come on already. I just want one decent team sometime, even if it's like that Royals team from a few years ago that was a mere tease for their tiny and ever diminishing fanbase.

Look, man, though, right, like, here's what I'm saying -- the Tigers are 68-33. The Tigers are 68-33. At some point, we can do it. I just want to know WHEN.