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Greg Maddux: Los Angeles Dodger and other moves

Maddux is no ace anymore or anything, but he's a Hall of Famer, and now he's a Los Angeles Dodger. Maddux was dealt (along with $2 million) to the Dodgers for Cesar Izturis. Maddux has been a Cub and a Brave his entire career, and may very well finish up with a little stint for a team that's just trying to squeak into the playoffs.

The Pirates sent Kip Wells to Texas, the Yankees got Craig Wilson for Shawn Chacon (nice move, Pirates!), Texas got Matt Stairs from KC, and the Reds picked up Kyle Lohse from the Twins and Rheal Cormier from Philly. Jorge Sosa was sent to St. Louis.

Todd Walker is now a Padre. The Pirates got Xavier Nady from the Mets for Oliver Perez and Roberto Hernandez. If Rick Peterson can do something to harness Perez and get his velocity back up, the Mets could have a steal there.

The Dodgers also picked up Julio Lugo from the Rays.

Tejada, Zito and Soriano all went nowhere, as I expected. This is two years straight that the trade deadline has produced nothing even approaching a blockbuster.