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Gameday Thread: O's at White Sox, 07/05

Game Time: 8:05 | TV: CSN (BAL), WCIU | Radio: WBAL
Daniel Cabrera, RH Jon Garland, RH (4-5, 5.13) (7-3, 5.60)

Cabrera is 2-0 in two career starts at Comiskey, with a 3.75 ERA. Garland isn't great against the O's in his career, with a 4.72 ERA in six games (four starts). That's insightful, huh?

Garland and his soul patch were a big fluke in 2005. He's come back to earth, but he's also backed with a really good lineup so he can be 7-3 with an ERA closer to six than it is to five. People who think it's ALL about pitching befuddle me with continued cases like that. Sure, pitching is great and awesome, but you can survive. It's not all about hitting, either, of course.

Get out there and vote vote vote for Razor Ramon. Pierzynski is honestly just as good, but who cares? Ramon has 15 home runs, and we all know home runs are the money maker. Frankly it should be Liriano or Verlander, but who cares about fair?