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Gameday Thread: O's at White Sox, 07/06

Game Time: 8:05 | TV: CSN (BAL), CSN (CHI) | Radio: WBAL
Russ Ortiz, RH Javier Vazquez, RH (0-5, 7.33) (8-4, 5.15)

BUH DARD threw a gem in the first game of this series, but the last two have done a lot to remind us of how far away we are from legitimately good teams. If they weren't enough for you, here comes Russ Ortiz!

Can we make Javier Vazquez and his 5.15 ERA look like a Cy Young contender, as we did with Jon Garland yesterday? Who knows! Tune in to Orioles baseball to find out! THE TIME IS NOW THE PLACE IS NOW