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Sorry for no game thread

Super swamped. Super swamped! OK, today I wasn't really super swamped. Today I was hung over. Why lie?

However this week I am going to be super swamped, as I'm moving on Friday and have a lot of other crap that you couldn't care less about, too, so updates may be a little scarce, though I will do my best. Help out with diaries (which everyone has lately, and I'm quite appreciative) and keep everything running. For me. Your friend. Your blogsman.

Ed Rogers has been sent to Ottawa with Chris Gomez about to return. Hopefully Sam won't try to make Gomez play left field. The O's won today, 5-4, to take two of three from Cleveland.

Heeeeey, so we're at the All-Star break. The O's have a four-game home set with the Rangers scheduled for their first post-break series, followed by three with the A's and then a six-game road trip at Tampa Bay and Kansas City. I left my gal in Kansas City. Left her cryin' in the rain.

One All-Star this year. One damn All-Star.

We've hit the break at 41-49, which can't be much different from most expectations. I'll have the annual (it was done once!) All-Star break roster review up sometime tomorrow, probably, so check back for that.

Any Orioles you're particularly pleased with or disappointed in from the first half? We've probably talked that to death, what with the Razor Ramon and Corey love, and the Cabrera migraine, and Bedard jerking our emotions every which way, but gotta talk about somethin'.