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Maybe we should've seen this coming

Melvin Mora is killing me.

Listen, I love Melvin, we all do. Great, great, great guy. Tremendous person as far as any of us know (here's where we wait for someone that got snubbed for an autograph to complain).

But let's face facts: That Melvin Mora extension might have been a little hasty. I was a proponent, but I figured he had another two years left in him to put up the same numbers he did last season. Sure, his OPS dropped 160 points from 2004 to 2005, but he was still quite good.

Now he's down to a .755 OPS. He's slugging .402 (Roberts is slugging .414, to put that in perspective). Yeah, he's hitting .282, that's great. He's still getting on base OK. And he's still a super dude. But barring him returning to past performance next season, which I doubt he will given his age, he's going to go from being an underpaid, unappreciated, hidden gem in the abyss known as Orioles baseball, to now being an overpaid slug. Because ain't no one pays fellers hitting like Mora what we're about to be paying Mora, or at least, it's never a good idea to.

The one argument I had before that made me stick to re-upping Mora without fail was that he wouldn't be blocking anyone and we can't do better. Well, it's not that hard to find a third baseman that can play like Melvin has this season.

Again, don't get me wrong, he's one of my favorite players and it's more bothersome than anything, but Mora has kind of gotten a free pass for sort of sucking this season. We complain when Tejada doesn't run out grounders, but Tejada is putting runs on the board. We gotta be fair. Melvin Mora deserves a little flak, too.