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Gameday Thread: O's at Yankees, 08/17

Game Time: 1:05 | TV: CSN, YES | Radio: WBAL
Rodrigo Lopez, RH Jaret Wright, RH (8-12, 6.20) (9-6, 4.24)

When I was little, I used to play wiffle ball with friends in a neighborhood a few blocks away from my house. We kept track of home runs, and there was this electrical box that if you hit it, it was an automatic grand slam, and everyone had their own bat, and if you went into a slump you might use someone else's bat to try to get your mojo back or whatever. It was all very fun.

But sometimes I'd basically just play two-man wiffle ball batting practice with a friend of mine, and it usually wound up with us imitating our favorite players. Like if we were Mark Grace or someone left-handed, we'd bat lefty even though neither of us were southpaws. Switch-hitting is remarkably easy in wiffle ball, thankfully. One time I was Mickey Tettleton and I decided to bat lefty since the righty/lefty dynamic worked like real baseball, plus I just wanted to do it. So I got a bunch of Big League Chew and I stuck it in my cheek, and I stood there in that awesome Mickey Tettleton batting stance, and I launched a bomb over my garage that wound up rolling through our driveway and out into the street.

Mickey Tettleton was so cool.

I just don't want to talk about Rodrigo Lopez or the Yankees.

Oh, and go check out The Baseball Report, where you can find some nice book reviews and a bunch of other stuff. Nice guys, nice site.