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Gameday Thread: Jays at O's, 08/18

Game Time: 7:05 | TV: CSN, RSN (Canada) | Radio: WBAL
Scott Downs, RH Kris Benson, RH (6-1, 4.03) (9-9, 4.74)

Scott Downs has made 44 appearances this year, four of them starts. Overall he's done a fair enough job, and he pitched five shutout innings against the Twins on August 12.

Benson hasn't won a game since June 28. He spent a couple weeks on the DL, but that's still a long time to go without a win. It's been six starts since he got one in the W column, which includes four losses. His return from the DL was decent all things considered (he hadn't pitched in a while, it was against Boston at Fenway), but at this point I'm done with Kris Benson. He's not horrible, but he's certainly not good, and he's never going to be good. It's not that I have anything against him, I just don't care to see him anymore, you know what I mean?

The O's are 6-10 against Toronto this season, and this is the last time we'll say the Jays until 2007. Fortunately, Benson is 3-1 with a 3.16 ERA against the Jays this season. Unfortunately, this isn't Benson/Janssen V. Bummer.