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Gameday Thread: Jays at O's, 08/20

Game Time: 1:35 | TV: WNUV, RSN (Canada) | Radio: WBAL
Roy Halladay, RH Erik Bedard, LH (15-3, 3.20) (12-8, 3.81)

Gonna be totally honest here: I slept through the afternoon yesterday and never put up a game thread. Sorry about that. Thanks to LB3 and duck for making the effort, because this one was just my lazy ass being asleep.

Halladay has had a damn good season and is in the running for the Cy Young award. If Liriano had stayed healthy I'd have a hard time voting against him, but as it is, Halladay, Santana and Verlander are in a tight race. I favor Santana right now.

If Erik Bedard hadn't had a shitty start to the season, we might be talking about him as a Cy Young candidate. On June 1, Bedard had a 5.97 ERA and 5-5 record. Since then he's gone 7-3 (pitching poorly in none of the losses) and his ERA has fallen all the way to 3.81.