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Perlozzo v. Mazzilli

40 votes in on that poll and Sam is considered the superior manager by better than a 2-to-1 margin (27-13).

My question here is, "Why?" What has Perlozzo done that makes you think he's better than Mazzilli? As a second question, those of you that voted Perlozzo, do you think he's that much better? Like, would you make a point to defend him in this conversation? Or is it just the piece of bread with less mold on it than the other one?

Personally, I don't think Perlozzo is better than Mazzilli was at all, and that's no praise of Mazzilli. Perlozzo, in my opinion, is outstandingly bad at his job. I wanted to like him because he said all the right things and waited to get the job, but then he kept saying nothing BUT the right things, so you knew every time it was a total fabrication on his part, just BSing with the press. You cannot keep saying that Rodrigo Lopez or Russ Ortiz are just about ready to turn the corner every damn time they pitch and only manage to have a bad game instead of a terrible one without losing all of your credibility at some point.

And sure, that's what he's supposed to do, but so what? Who buys it? The reason these questions keep coming up is it makes no sense for Russ Ortiz or Lopez to be on this team, which isn't Sam's fault as much as it is Flanaquette's, but come on already.

And this is a little beside the point, but do the Orioles of the last few years seem a little, uh, I'm not sure of the word or phrase I want here. Pansy-assed? Sissified? Whiny? Crybabyish? Mopey?  Like, they really do seem like they complain a lot, and so often it seems like they aren't trying. Maybe we need the type of manager that will tell these guys to get their act together and play some ball for the love of God. Where's Lou Piniella?