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Wait, they optioned BRITTON?

My brain is about to explode.

From the AP article:

The 23-year-old (James) Hoey replaces struggling Chris Britton, who was optioned to Bowie. The Orioles expect Britton to return on Sept. 1, when rosters expand to 40 players.

If Chris Britton is struggling ...

Oh God. Seriously. Let's examine this.

Meet Russ Ortiz, the world's worst pitcher, sporting a 10.33 ERA for the Orioles in 27 innings.

Meet Bruce Chen, he has a 6.68 ERA in 93 innings.

Meet valuable and important veteran reliever LaTroy Hawkins, he has a 4.92 ERA, 1.45 WHIP and batters are hitting .292 off of him in 53 innings.

Meet Tim Byrdak, a never-was lefty at age 32 that would walk the reanimated corpse of Minnie Pearl if given half the chance. Byrdak has been in seven awesome innings for the Birds this year, walking eight and striking out two, netting himself an 11.57 ERA in the process. This outstanding situational lefty can't get lefties out (1.50 WHIP, .316 BAA), and is even more useless against righties (6.60 WHIP, .500 BAA). Clearly a key to our bullpen. Gotta have a lefty like Byrdak!! He was so good last year, after all, with that tidy 1.80 WHIP.

Meet Turd Williams, owner of a 4.63 ERA, 1.59 WHIP and .317 BAA in 46.2 innings this season.

AND THEY OPTION BRITTON? With the idea that he's struggling? Sam wants to "freshen Britton up"??

Who the HELL is running this team, because as minor and largely inconsequential as this move is to this crappy team, it is just another instance where the Orioles do the exact wrong thing. There were no less than FIVE better options to jettison if getting James Hoey up was such a pressing issue that THAT couldn't wait until September 1. I mean, come on.

Chris Britton: 3.61 ERA, 1.18 WHIP, .232 BAA in 47.1 innings. That's the one they sent down. If they mean to do something else with Hawkins or Byrdak or Turd or Chen or Ortiz, then super, that'll work out for me. However, I would say that I highly doubt this to be the case, and in Byrdak's case it can't be because who the hell would want Tim Byrdak? Frankly who would want Ortiz? No one else did.

They decided that the youngster could take the hit and he had the option and blah blah blah blah blah. Whoopty damn doo, this doesn't make the team better, and NOT ONE of those guys they've got hanging in the bullpen now has outperformed Britton. Yes it's a business where sometimes the deserving get the shaft while crapass Russ Ortiz hangs out because any day now, he's gonna turn it around, I heard he had a super duper bullpen session the other day, honest injun, but give me a break already.

Chris Britton and Chris Ray have been the only two relievers on this team the entire season that have performed with ANY consistency. Kurt Birkins had his moments, but Britton far outperformed him, too. Yeah he'll be back and this isn't the type of thing that should offend me this much, but seriously, man. It's really just an extension of other garbage like Conine, Millar, Chris Gomez and Fernando Tatis still being here.

This team still has no gameplan, no semblance of one even, and every time they make a baseball decision it gives me gas. I don't understand what they're even possibly trying to accomplish, which is probably because they don't either.

When Chris Britton comes back to the Yards, the fans ought to stand up and cheer. I'm not trying to make it out like the guy is Goose Gossage or anything, but he's been one of the useful parts of this team, and there haven't been many of those.

At least Chris Britton is taking it a lot better than I am: "Stuff happens. I go down there, work on my stuff and get back up there. I've got no problem with it."

Oh well, man. Here's looking forward to Britton's return.