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Gameday Thread: Rays at O's, 08/26

Game Time: 4:35 | TV: WJZ, WPXM (Tampa) | Radio: WBAL
James Shields, RH Erik Bedard, LH (6-6, 4.74) (12-9, 3.98)


Shields' first sixteen major league starts have been a mixed bag. He's had some success and has put up a pretty fair K-rate (7.86 K/9), but he's also been lit up plenty of times and has a .297 BAA and 1.48 WHIP. He'll turn 25 in December, so he's not exactly young, but if he can have a good stretch run he'll likely be part of Tampa Bay's rotation in 2007.

The Rays have lost eight in a row on the road, and are 1-18 away from their crappy stadium since the beginning of July, and 18-46 for the season. I almost thought that the Rays might push for fourth this year, but the only reason they're as close to our locked position as they are is because we've really stunk. Carl Crawford is the only guy still on the team that's hit with any consistency, and only Kazmir has pitched. Those are two good young players, but when that's all you've got going for you, it's tough to win games.