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Gameday Thread: O's at Rangers, 08/29

Game Time: 8:05 | TV: WJZ, KDFI (Texas) | Radio: WBAL
Rodrigo Lopez, RH Kevin Millwood, RH (9-13, 6.03) (12-9, 4.73)

Millwood has had about as good a year as could have been expected moving to Arlington, probably. Plus last year was his every three years season, and this one is pretty consistent with his other years (4.03, 4.08, 2.68, 4.66, 4.31, 3.24, 4.01, 4.85, 2.86 and now 4.73).

Lopez gave up thirteen hits in his last start. But as you may know -- and if you don't, ask him -- he has to start because he has definitely proven himself and he probably should be in the Hall of Fame.