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For the record

Markakis' homer last night was his ninth in August, which is a club record for a rookie. And if you're really wondering if our boy Nicky will get any serious ROY consideration, well, no. He won't. If he'd done this all season then sure, but while he is our second-best hitter (by far), that ain't sayin' much, and too many other rookies (Verlander, Papelbon, Liriano) have had real impact on good teams.

I'm glad to have been way right about Markickass, and frankly the dude has exceeded my expectations. I sort of figured once he made the 25-man roster out of spring training that he'd wind up not playing much, going down, and coming back up in June or July, and probably hitting like .280/.340 or something with a few homers. Instead, he's at .308/.369/.476 with 13 homers (again, nine of them in August). That's a nice season for an established player, let alone a rookie. And even worse, an Oriole rookie.

Individual OPS for the '06 O's:

Tejada .901 (Tejada's highest mark ever, while we're at it)
Markakis .845
Gibbons .805 (268 AB)
Roberts .773
Hernandez .767
Millar .762
Mora .737
Patterson .733

Javy .727
Conine .726

Then there's the issue of Brandon Fahey. I don't know at what point anyone thought he was good or belonged in the majors. I like him, and I still do, because he's a gamer and he's got some brass and he'll take himself out to left field, where he doesn't belong, and he'll make an honest go of it, and he seems like a positively swell young man, but he sucks. Fahey's OPS over 221 AB is .656. That is way, way, way, way, way below Conine or Millar, who have caught hell most of the year for not producing. Sure they are old and Fahey is young, but that doesn't make Fahey better in any way. I guess I'd rather Brandon play SS for me or pinch-run, but that's about it. He cannot hit, and I'd really prefer they try someone else out when the rosters expand. Just not Terrero.

But let's be honest about two other guys.

Mora. It's not getting better. He's bad. His slugging is down to .390. In 521 AB, Melvin has 33 extra-base hits -- 20 doubles, 13 homers.

Patterson. Yeeeeeah, shine kinda wore off on that one, didn't it? I waited for the other shoe to drop, and it has. Corey's hitting .276, which ain't awful, but his OBP is .314, he's stopped stealing eleventy billion bases a week, and all in all he's a lot more like the crap ass Cubs Corey than he is our early season heroics Corey.

Oh, and one more guy.

Millar. Millar has a .363 OBP, which is better than everyone on the team except for Tejada and Markakis. It's better than our leadoff hitter (Roberts is at .359). Millar also has a higher slugging percentage than Mora. I don't want to say that Millar has been of more value to our team this season, because he's not so much better that it makes up for Mora having 60 more hits and 30 more runs and 21 more RBI and what have you, but that's all because Mora plays every day. When he has played, Kevin Millar has been a more effective hitter than Melvin Mora. It's no tip of the cap to Millar, because he's been quite mediocre, but that puts it into perspective a little, doesn't it? Mora has sucked.