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Gameday Thread: Yankees at O's, 08/05

Game Time: 4:35 | TV: WNUV, YES | Radio: WBAL
Mike Mussina, RH Adam Loewen, LH (13-3, 3.40) (1-3, 6.44) CF J Damon 2B B Roberts SS D Jeter LF B Fahey RF B Abreu 3B M Mora 3B A Rodriguez SS M Tejada DH J Giambi DH J Gibbons C J Posada 1B J Conine 1B C Wilson CF C Patterson LF M Cabrera C R Hernandez 2B M Cairo RF N Markakis

Mussina's had a really nice year, which I can't hate on the man for. Good for him at this point. Those two trades with Pennsylvania make that Yankee lineup look a lot better, don't they?

Let's kick some ass!