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Gameday Thread: O's at Jays, 08/07

Game Time: 1:07 | TV: WJZ, TSN (Canada) | Radio: WBAL
Russ Ortiz, RH Ted Lilly, LH (0-7, 9.23) (9-10, 4.20)

Look! It's RUSS! Hooray! You know what the most hilariously amazing thing is, the one thing that makes it all SO bad that you almost just have to laugh? Russ Ortiz has managed to be far worse as an Oriole than he was as a Diamondback. With Arizona, Ortiz put up a 7.54 ERA, 2.16 WHIP, .303 BAA. He allowed 22 walks and struck out 21 in 22.2 innings. He gave up three home runs. For us, he's at 11.57/2.33/.405 with eight walks, five strikeouts and seven home runs allowed in 16 and a third. That is appalling.

Ted Lilly has his days, but even if he pitches like shit, the Jays have to be the money favorite for this one. Thanks, Russ.