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Gameday Thread: O's at Jays, 08/08

Game Time: 7:07 | TV: WJZ, TSN (Canada) | Radio: WBAL
Daniel Cabrera, RH Shaun Marcum, RH (4-7, 5.25) (1-1, 5.33)

Daniel Cabrera is BACK, and this time he means BUSINESS. I honestly don't know if he means business or not. But he is back. Seats and trays must return to their upright position.

Marcum is some dude, man. I don't know. Toronto is nine out in the AL East and fading pretty fast. That AL wild card race is going to be sensational with Boston/NY, Chicago and Minnesota. Hell, the NL race is going to be great with Cincinnati, the Dodgers, Arizona, Philly, Colorado, San Francisco. Actually, basically every team besides Washington, Chicago and Pittsburgh has a shot in the NL. The problem is that Boston/NY, Chicago and Minnesota are good teams, and none of the NL teams are.

Go Daniel Cabrera! Strikeouts and walks!!