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Gameday Thread: O's at A's, 09/01

Game Time: 10:05 | TV: WNUV, FSN Bay Area | Radio: WBAL
Erik Bedard, LH Joe Blanton, RH (12-9, 3.92) (14-10, 4.45)


I like Blanton. More than I should, probably, but he's been truckin' lately, with a quality start in six of his last seven. We haven't faced Blanton this season, but he has shut us down in his short career to the tune of one run allowed in 12 innings, although it's a little fluky since he's allowed 12 hits and five walks, giving him a 1.42 WHIP behind a 0.75 ERA.

Our boy Eazy E is looking for that elusive 13th victory, a mark he's been attempting to hit since he won against Tampa Bay on July 23. He's lost three straight decisions, but he hasn't pitched badly, really, save for August 20 against the Jays.