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Gameday Thread: O's at Tigers, 09/16

Game Time: 7:05 | TV: WNUV, FSN Detroit | Radio: WBAL
Kris Benson, RH Nate Robertson, LH (10-10, 4.66) (12-12, 3.84)

Today, in the state of Michigan, this game means a little bit, but not a lot. Michigan/Notre Dame, and even MSU/Pitt, a battle of loser schools for total losers.

But I cannot merely abandon my main men in orange and black. Kris Benson, I've given you a bit of a rough time lately, but you know what, pal? You've done OK by me. You were not even close to a disaster in your first season in the AL, as I feared you might have been.

Go Kris! Go O's! Go Blue!