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Maybe it's just me

Now OK, really, maybe I'm bananers, but I think I'd rather the Orioles be playing Fiorentino every day instead of David Newhan. Call me crazy if you want, but I just don't think David Newhan will be a member of the next good Orioles team.

I have two reasons to assume this to be true. Try and follow me, they require a lot of thought and I don't want anyone's brain to melt as they try to figure out my advanced thinking here.

  1. David Newhan is 33 years old.
  2. David Newhan is a terrible baseball player.
Fiorentino, on the other hand, is 23 and might be pretty good. Imagine if we hadn't gotten lucky and Perlozzo wasn't forced into playing Markakis every day, slump or not. Instead of a 22-year old right fielder with an .862 OPS at the major league level in 435 at-bats, we might have had a whole fun season of Gibbons continuing to be Gibbons -- and thank God they gave him that extension, because now he can't even be someone's rent-a-right fielder and we're just sort of stuck with him -- or Newhan splitting time with Millar or the like.

The Newhan thing is sort of like last year's BJ Surhoff problem. He keeps playing, and he keeps being God awful. Newhan has had two and a half good months of major league baseball in his entire life. In all honesty he's a guy whose minor league numbers suggest he should've gotten a better shot when he was younger than he did, but he's not young anymore. He had a neat couple of months. Then he started to suck. And he hasn't stopped since.

Meanwhile Fiorentino sits around, twiddling his thumbs, going 5-for-19 with three walks and five RBI in the few chances he's had to do anything other than learn valuable lessons from the bench. He must earn his stripes, I guess. Only then will he be able to say, "Yes. I can play at least as well as David Newhan."

Markakis homered again today, his 16th. Millar hit his 14th and Mora hit his 16th. Plus Gomez hit his second and went 4-for-6. Chris Gomez is on fire right now with an 11-game hitting streak.

...Millar is a much better hitter than Mora. Millar is really every bit as good as Gibbons. Millar hasn't been that bad. Millar can come back next season if he wants to.