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The O's are now 64-85 with 13 games remaining, meaning the best they can do is 77 wins, and I doubt we'll see an amazing run to end the season. The remaining schedule:

3 @ Tampa Bay, in a series that will undoubtedly have all of us here at Camden Chat and all baseball fans across the nation on the edges of our seats. I just can't wait, guys. I'm REALLY psyched.

1 v Detroit. Usually I'd say why bother, but the Tigers are in a pennant race. Gotta play it.

3 v Minnesota. Another chance to play spoiler. The last home series of the year. At least the games will matter to one of the teams.

3 @ New York. Great. Three more chances to roll over like dogs for the Yankees.

3 @ Boston. They're all but done, but who knows, maybe these games won't be pointless. Probably will be.

The portion of the league that matters:

  1. New York 90-59
  2. Detroit 89-60
  3. Oakland 86-62
  4. Minnesota 88-61
  5. Chicago 84-65
  6. Boston 81-69
  7. Los Angeles 80-70
New York's magic number is 4, Detroit's is 13 and Oakland's is 7. The Yankees are going to the playoffs, and will probably have home field advantage the way Detroit is playing right now. The White Sox are picking a poor time to slump. Minnesota is four up in the wild card race and looking good. Chances are the four teams we'll see in the postseason are the four in control of their own destiny.

The NL is such a mess and I'm so indifferent to it all that I don't even want to bother. The Mets are in, the Cardinals probably are, and then San Diego, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and San Francisco are fighting for the NL West/wild card. Right now, the Padres are a half-game up on the Dodgers for the West title, and the Dodgers are one up on Philadelphia for the wild card. San Francisco is four back in the West and 3.5 in the wild card. The Phillies are playing the best ball of those teams right now, but they have to win the wild card. One of the other three will get in via division title.

Actually, the Phillies making a run is sort of interesting, because they're an interesting team. They're starting a seven-game home stand (three with Chicago, three with Florida, one with Houston) before they close out on the road at Washington and Florida. If they do make it in, that team has some serious firepower with Howard, Utley and Burrell, plus Rollins, Dellucci and Coste. Their pitching is nothing special, but whose is?

Psh. The National League.