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Gameday Thread: O's at Yankees, 09/28

Game Time: 7:05 | TV: ESPN2, YES | Radio: WBAL
Daniel Cabrera, RH Darrell Rasner, RH (8-10, 5.05) (3-0, 2.50) 2B B Roberts CF J Damon 3B M Mora 2B R Cano RF N Markakis RF B Abreu SS M Tejada DH J Giambi DH J Gibbons 1B G Sheffield C R Hernandez LF H Matsui CF D Newhan C J Posada 1B K Millar SS M Cairo LF J Fiorentino 3B A Cannizaro

Look, ma, national TV.

I don't know a damn thing about Darrell Rasner, but he's been effective over 18 innings this season. My Cabrera/Johnson battle of the giants is again foiled. This is bullshit.