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Gameday Thread: O's at Red Sox, 09/30

Game Time: 7:05 | TV: WNUV, NESN | Radio: WBAL
Adam Loewen, LH Tim Wakefield, RH (6-6, 5.30) (7-11, 4.63) 2B C Gomez SS D Pedroia 3B M Mora 2B M Loretta RF N Markakis 3B M Lowell SS M Tejada DH M Ramirez DH J Gibbons CF W Pena C R Hernandez RF T Nixon 1B K Millar C D Mirabelli CF D Newhan LF G Kapler LF J Fiorentino 1B C Pena

Everyone's just thrilled with Loewen so far, but I dunno. He's had his days, but lots of pitchers have their days. I'll start forming a real opinion next season, when he should be in the Opening Day rotation. The fact is he still gives up his share of hits and walks too many people. But that's a great K-rate for a lefty, and he's pitched very well since getting shelled at Boston on August 11.

Since Roberts is out, Gomez leads off. "Hmm, second base bats leadoff..." Do you bring Gomez back again next season? He's easy to replace if he really starts to suck, but outside of injuries he's given us his all the last two seasons and performed fairly well. He can play all four infield positions, though he has no business playing first base outside of being a defensive replacement, and he's rather harmless. Utility infielders are cool. If Gomez had some speed, it'd be even better. I'll take Gomez over, like, Neifi any day.

Tejada's second inning single yesterday set a franchise record with 212 hits this season.

Ask not if we can lose 90 games this season, because we have. Ask if we can win 70.