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Community Projection '07: Kris Benson

            IP     ERA   WHIP    K    BB   HR
2004 PIT/NYM   200.1   4.31   1.31   134   61   15
2005 NYM       174.1   4.13   1.26    95   49   24
2006 BAL        183    4.82   1.40    88   58   33

Benson's first season in Baltimore was fairly OK, just about league average which is all anyone was really asking for. The fact that John Maine might end up -- might end up -- better than Benson is a bit of a stinger, but it's not like we haven't ripped the Mets off before, you know?

The worst thing, though, is that Benson's trends just do not look good. He gave up a lot more hits than usual, his strikeouts were down again, and his HR rate was up. He had a good amount of solid-to-great starts, but also just too many utter disasters along the way.

If you ask me, the warning signs for a truly bad season are all there, but maybe Benson (at 32 years old) still has a few more decent years left.

Call it: IP, ERA, WHIP, K, BB, HR