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Community Projection '07 Results: Bedard

My projection: 205 IP, 3.37/1.26, 184 K, 58 BB, 16 HR

I've got one of the more optimistic projections for our boy Eazy E, and I really do think he's ready to emerge as one of the elite starters in the American League, and outside of injury or his (arguably) questionable character, I can't see any reason for him to not be on that level. He won't be Johan Santana or anything, but he can be a legitimate Cy Young contender. You know, so long as Johan Santana misses two months or something.

The community as a whole, however, is being a little more conservative, and overall we have projected what would be essentially a repeat of his '06 performance. No 200 innings yet, same ERA as '06, a little bit better on the WHIP, and continued nice K numbers. We're calling for good, but not losing our heads.

    IP        ERA    WHIP     K     BB    HR
   184    3.76    1.30    170    63    16