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Community Projection '07 Results: Benson

My projection: 180 IP, 5.04/1.46, 81 K, 60 BB, 32 HR

I don't see this season going well for Benson for a few reasons. That K/BB rate (which isn't going to get better, as Benson lacks anything resembling an out pitch) is hard to overcome, he's pitching in a tough division, and he's not getting any younger. Benson's best is almost 110% certainly behind him. I think he's a great guy, really, but I can't see a good reason to believe in him in 2007.

The community's overall projection is a bit more optimistic, and if Benson put up our total line, I wouldn't be surprised. I'd also be suitably OK with it. I don't see it, but I hope you're all more correct than I am.

    IP        ERA    WHIP     K     BB    HR
   186    4.76    1.42    88     56    31