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Community Projection '07 Results: Cabrera

My projection: 192 IP, 4.02/1.38, 201 K, 87 BB, 14 HR

I project somewhat high-end for Cabrera (and what would qualify as a bit of a breakout campaign) because I want it to be true. And I also think that if it doesn't happen very soon, it's probably not going to. And I want it to happen, believe you me.

What I personally think we can expect out of Cabrera are stretches where he looks like the filthiest pitcher this side of Johan Santana, and a few patches where he's still Wild Thing Cabrera. Cabrera has to be one of the league's scariest pitchers to hit against, which would be even more effective if hitters weren't also certain that if they just wait on him, they can probably work a walk out of the guy. Fear is one of the great factors for any power pitcher, and Cabrera has all the ingredients to be a true intimidator.

The community projections were all over the place, but no one is projecting a drop in performance. The worst it gets is "more of the same." If Danny meets our line, it's his best year by far.

     IP     ERA    WHIP     K        BB    HR
    181    4.16    1.43    185    88    14