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Pirates land LaRoche, Sosa lands Rangers

As rumored for the last few weeks ever since we seemed to fall out of the race, Adam LaRoche is headed to Pittsburgh for closer Mike Gonzalez and two minor leaguers.

Also, the Rangers and Sammy Sosa are close to an agreement on a minor league deal, which is only somewhat surprising. I figured he'd find somewhere to play, and an AL team that can DH him if he can hit at all (and I'll bet that he cannot) was the best bet. Plus, Texas has the type of park that could help a chubby 38-year old slugger still contribute, although, again, I doubt it. If Sosa makes the Rangers out of spring, I'll be mildly surprised. But who knows? Stranger things have happened, and I am kind of rooting for him. He did a TON of good for baseball and all sorts of other things before things went sour in Chicago and he embarrassed himself in Baltimore. So good luck, Sammy.