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Community Projection '07: Jaret Wrong


Jaret Wright's last three seasons:

          IP     ERA   WHIP    K    BB   HR
2004 ATL     186.1   3.28   1.28   159   70   11
2005 NYY      63.2   6.08   1.78    34   32    8
2006 NYY     140.1   4.49   1.53    84   57   10

If you think you can get a read on what Jaret Wrong will do, then I would go so far as to label you full of hot air, my good man or lady. The guy's a guessing game. Will he be healthy? Probably not, but maybe! Will he be horrible? Who knows! Will he be good? I doubt it! Will he be league average! Crazier things have happened! Was his rental to join a team with no hope of winning anything worth a cheap young pitcher that was just as good and potentially much better than the eighty-six relievers you spent money on after the trade? Things that make you go, "Hmmm."

Jaret Wright is the third stage of Leo Mazzone's Great Baltimore Re-Reclamation Adventures, following Jim Brower and Russ Ortiz, both phenomenal success stories in the orange and black. To be fair, Wright has more "natural talent" in his ample ass than Ortiz and Brower do put together, but he's a total wild card that might wind up pitching less innings than Britton if his balky whatever-it-is-this-week acts up too many times. Between Wright and Benson, we've got a very capable 4/5. Now if we could just get a 2 and a 3, and if our 1 improved even more...

On the plus side, I have no doubt that Wright will work hard. I'm pretty sure he's never lacked moxie or guts.

Same line: IP, ERA, WHIP, K, BB, HR