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O's HR leader poll results

  1. Miguel Tejada, 37%
  2. Aubrey Huff, 32%
  3. Nick Markakis, 22%
  4. Ramon Hernandez, 3%
  5. Kevin Millar, 1%
  6. Melvin Mora, 1%
  7. Brian Roberts, 1%
I suppose I could have included an "Other" option, but I really doubt anyone is thinking Jay Payton is going to lead the team in homers. I could have also included Gibbons, but I'm going to be frank: I forget Jay Gibbons is on this team a lot of the time, partially because he's hurt so often. So considering Gibby's penchant for playing enough to hit 13 homers, it's probably just as well.

Boy will my face be red if Gibbons leads the team in home runs.

Anyway, let's go further, dear friends. Who leads the O's in homers this year, and with how many?

I'll start! Miguel Tejada, 30. Lineup protection is a somewhat bunk theory, but Tejada could see a few more fastballs if Huff actually carries his weight behind Tejada, or if Gibbons shows up and poses any sort of threat, and while healthy last year, Gibbons was pretty decent. That's a couple of lefty bats, plus a full season of the Markakis that adjusted to the league (though the league will now be adjusting to him, as well) to give Miggy some help in the lineup, which he just did not have last year.

If you're the one who voted for Melvin Mora, just how many home runs do you think Melvin Mora is going to hit anyway, and do you expect Tejada to come down with a bad case of the avian flu or what?