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Community Projection '07 Results: Loewen

My projection: 165 IP, 4.92/1.48, 144 K, 81 BB, 16 HR

Pretty much in line with what wound up as the community total, only I'm toward the high end on innings pitched:

     IP     ERA    WHIP     K        BB    HR
    146    4.93    1.46    122    72    13

I like Loewen, and I think he's mentally ready for the big leagues, but it's obvious that he still has plenty of work to do. He has more than enough stuff and natural ability, but he's still a bit of a project. Not quite on the same level as Cabrera (given that Cabrera is older and has far less actual baseball experience) but a project regardless. I do think he could wind up being very, very good, and I have higher hopes for Loewen than I do for Hayden Penn.