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Community Projection '07 Results: Melvin

My projection: 495 AB, .266/.325/.448, 20 2B, 14 HR, 60 RBI

I see some injury, I see some days off, and I see a bit of a power bounce-back but nothing else. I think Melvin's power was the one thing that was just a little off last season -- I still think he's declining, but he isn't going to become Scott Livingstone or anything. More Joe Randa.

The community doesn't come up with a serious rebound season for Melvin, either.

    AB      AVG   OBP   SLG   2B   HR   RBI
   554  .279  .347  .420   24   17    82

Could you live with that season? I could, really. Melvin had a few really good seasons, including one that was great, and we can always look back on those years fondly. But he's an aging ballplayer, and this happens. The best (most reasonable) we can hope for is he hangs on until someone is ready to take his job.

ALSO: The Mariners and Jeff Weaver have agreed on a one-year, $8.325 million deal. Because it worked so well last year in the same division.