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A quick glance at the new team

Sorry about my lack of updatery, but I've been SUPER busy. Total lie -- I've had nothing to talk about, really.

Anyway, considering I've pissed and moaned to some degree about almost every roster move, here's my take on the new team.

Starters, ideally (assumedly?)
C: Razor Ramon
1B: Kevbo/Huffnstuf/Gibby
2B: Brian Bob
3B: Melly Mel
SS: Miggy
LF: Pay Jayton/Huffnstuf
CF: Corey/Pay Jayton
RF: Markickass
DH: Gibby/Kevbo/Huffnstuf

Erik B
Jaret Wrong
Adam Loewen
Danny Cabs

Chad Brad
Jamie Skywalker
Joan Baez
someone else

Let's look at this.

Catcher, second base, shortstop and third remain the same.

Payton, despite his mediocrity, is a big upgrade in left field and gives Corey a nice platoon partner for center. Markickass is solid in right. Aubrey Huff is an offensive upgrade, too, sadly.

The rotation is, of course, a crapshoot that will hopefully be good, but chances aren't so great in that regard. The bullpen is markedly more reliable, even losing Britton.

So is this team better than last year's, on paper? Yes. And by a fair amount. But I don't see this as likely to change our fortune very much. We could have a far stronger team and still lose 90 games. The '06 Indians were pretty good and lost 84 playing in a tough division. The Yankees, Red Sox and Jays all made upgrades to solid-or-better teams. It'll be tough to make any real progress with the team we've got, even if it's notably superior to the '06 squad.

They should at least be more enjoyable to watch.