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Unit headed back to Arizona

Randy Johnson just never quite fit with the Yankees, I suppose. Now he's headed back to Arizona in exchange for reliever Luis Vizcaino, RHP Ross Ohlendorf and SS Alberto Gonzalez. Apparently the Padres were also in discussions for Johnson, but the Diamondbacks are going to get him back, and he'll probably win his 300th game there.

That means the Yankee rotation for 2007 should be Mussina, Wang, Pettitte, Igawa and one of Phil Hughes, Carl Pavano and Humberto Sanchez, or maybe someone else. The Yankees should be fine without Johnson and all in all are probably better off. They're finally making strides to build for the future while working in the present, which sucks because that was supposed to catch up to them eventually.

Other moves: Mark Loretta is an Astro for one year, Joel Pineiro is headed to Boston (possibly to close for the Red Sox now that Papelbon is moving to a starting role), Keith Foulke to Cleveland (Foulke may also be closing), Chris Reitsma to Seattle, Doug Mientkiewicz to the Yankees as a glove man probably.