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Some things I think!

This is just so people can have random ass discussion, really. The worst thing about this month is there is nothing, nothing, nothing to talk about unless your team trades for Sammy Sosa because they spent an entire offseason dicking around and accomplishing nothing more than signing The Arsonists Steve.

$26 million over two years for a pitcher that performed at Randy Johnson's level last season is insane.

No one will ever be unanimously elected to the Hall of Fame, and I don't know why it's ever a news story that someone wasn't. Babe Ruth (95.13%) wasn't, Ty Cobb (98.23%) wasn't, Ted Williams (93.38%) wasn't, Tom Seaver (98.84%) wasn't. Nobody will be.

This is a nice short fluff piece on Cal.

The rumors about Sammy Sosa playing in Japan are both great and sad. Sosa is a guy that hit 588 home runs in the major leagues, and he'd basically be moving halfway across the world to play in a glorified Triple-A. On the other hand, if he can make some money and have a nice little comeback season over there and be a big star, then good for him and the league. He was so overmatched at the plate in his lone Baltimore season that I truly don't think he belongs in Major League Baseball, but if he wants to play, he'll find somewhere to do it.

Javy Lopez is going to sign a one-year deal with the Rockies, which won't work out like some fantasy players will hope for when they waste a late rounds draft pick on him. Colorado is a great hitting environment, but it doesn't do a whole lot for old sluggers without bat speed. If you can't hit a fastball, you can't hit a fastball, and altitude isn't helping you.

I believe there is about a 70 percent chance that Mark Mulder will wind up a waste of time and resources for whichever team signs him.

I believe there is also about a 70 percent chance that David Newhan -- now a Met -- will slam the Orioles in the press sometime between now and early May.

I hope Bernie Williams retires if the Yankees don't bring him back. I have a grudging respect for Bernie Williams as a player, and I'd still find it sad to watch him flail away for one final season in a uniform that doesn't suit him. The guy is a New York Yankee, and it'd be nice to see his career numbers always line up with NYY next to the year. I loathed Bernie Williams and his whining at the plate on called third strikes for many years, but he could play, and he spent a lifetime killing us. I know a Yankee fan who shall remain nameless that has considered the idea that Bernie was a juicer. How about that for controversial talk! Stephen A. Smith better watch his back.