Games in HD on MASN? MASN e-mail SEEMS to say yes.

The widely read and pretty well respected is reporting that MASN is going HD for games - maybe. Read carefully, and all may not be what it seems. Here's the post from

 "We hope that you will be pleased to know that we are planning a significant complement of high-definition programming for both our Nationals and Orioles game productions next season." That's what a DCRTVer tells us he got in an e-mail from the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network. Sports fans have complained that the Baltimore-based regional sports network, which carries both the Nationals and Orioles, does not provide HD telecasts. Yet.....
On first read, it looks like MASN will do Orioles and Gnats games in HD. But read carefully- the HD programming is in COMPLEMENT to the game productions. It never says the games themselves will be in HD themselves, just the programning around them.

I predict MASN will simply pick up the HD feed of the regional FOX Sports events it televises to fill out its schedule. Or worse yet, just its studio components will be in HD. Rick Dempsey in HD - shudder the thought...

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