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Orioles Photo of the Day, 2007-10-24

Will Clark (bottom left), Buddy Groom (center) and Mike Timlin (bottom right) -- with hunting bows.


(Photo is courtesy of

OEutaw notes my mistake -- it's Buddy Groom, not Jim Corsi. I still have questions.

  • Did they actually go out and shoot at targets with their uniforms on, or do you think that was just for the photo?
  • If you could go hunting with Buddy Groom or Will Clark, who would you pick? Will Clark was a much better player, but Buddy Groom is probably a much better PBR drinker.
  • Is "Buddy Groom" the coolest Oriole name ever?
  • Note Mike Timlin's hair, which seems to have been mussed back by a cap. Was this just taken right after a game? Clark also looks tuckered out. Did they even really shoot the bows?
  • Who's the best shot? I would go with the dark horse, Mike Timlin.