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Orioles Photo of the Day, 2007-10-27

I don't remember much glory as an O's fan -- the '96 and '97 clubs were the best ones I've seen, by far. But, when you look back at a photo of Palmer and the other aces, Eddie and Cal together, Boog and the Robinson Brothers, or even Mussina or Brady, it's easy to get all nostalgic.

But, then there's the '88 Orioles. 54-107, and every bit as bad as that sounds. Cal's dad ousted in favor of Frank. A pitching staff that not even a mother could love. Billy Ripken having one of the most absolutely miserable offensive seasons in the history of full-time players: 512 AB, .207/.260/.258. An OPS of .518 (adjusted OPS+ of 48).

This was a team -- a team -- that hit .238/.303/.359. Last in hitting. Last in pitching. Last in everything.

1988 was a hell of a season. Jose Canseco went 40-40, which was astonishing, and won the AL MVP over Wade Boggs. The AL rookie of the year (Walt Weiss) won with a .321 slugging percentage. Julio Franco won the Silver Slugger for AL second basemen, while preparing to enter his 30s. And, of course, Kirk Gibson's ridiculous fairytale home run in the World Series, which is still hard to believe ACTUALLY happened.

Sometimes, though, it's better to not be on the cover of Sports Illustrated.