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Boston Globe: Miggi AND Erik may be dealt this winter

Buried in a roundup of World Series coverage and other Winter Meetings notes, Boston Globe writer Nick Cafardo threw this against the wall to see if it would stick:

With CEO/president Andy MacPhail taking over the Orioles operation, you may see a couple of things develop, starting at the GM meetings in Orlando in early November. First, MacPhail will likely look for takers for Miguel Tejada. The Orioles might have waited a year too long to deal him, but they'll make the attempt and hope to find a team that thinks he can play third base. The second might be a surprise deal. The name heard most is lefty Erik Bedard. The feeling is the Orioles have enough starting pitching and need everyday players. Bedard could bring two or three major league-ready players.

I'm not sure how much stock, if any, I put into this. I know nothing of this particular writer's accuracy in the past on trade rumors, and this smells of "Wow, it's a slow news day and I still have 2 column inches to fill" material.

Still, it's the first time I've read of MacPhail's willingness to trade Erik Bedard. And I'm not sure if we're really a better team with two more position players and one less starter.