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And another season ends

And the Boston Red Sox are the world champions once more.

All hate aside, I'm man enough to congratulate the Red Sox. F the Red Sox, but they won. They were the best team. They did it. We'll see you next year.

And congratulations to the Colorado Rockies on a remarkable season. They were a team that will never be forgotten. Those guys are Denver sports legend already, and swept out by Boston or not, they had a hell of a run.

Now we get ready to enter the free agent period, see what happens with a lot of big names (including, apparently, Alex Rodriguez), and see if the Orioles come up with anything resembling a gameplan. God, let's hope so.

For us, it's already started. Some of the dead weight has been cut. Trebelhorn's gone. Leo's gone. Crowley remains, which is not something I consider as part of a good start on the Andy MacPhail Era in Baltimore.

Every year, it's the closing credits (this year's music: "Radio Nowhere" by The Boss, "Walk On" by the always available for cliche use U2) that get me. Doesn't matter who wins, what team I'm watching celebrate. It's really over. No more baseball until next year. And it's always a long, cold winter.

I wish it was my team that U2 was playing off. Never is.

But, we move on.

I would categorize it as "very likely" that we've seen the last of Miguel Tejada in an Orioles uniform. Weak rumor or not, seeing Bedard go wouldn't shock me. Brian Roberts could be gone. It depends on how huge of a housecleaning is planned here. This could be a very, very different team when they report to Fort Lauderdale in February.

2007, I say good riddance to your baseball season. Another turd dropped from the Oriole ass, and a Red Sox celebration at the end of it.